My Story

It’s taken me nine years to get here. 

Growing up in London to a migrant Indian family, I safely followed the conventional path: earning a degree, landing a ‘good’ job, and enjoying vibrant social circles. Yet, an underlying restlessness persisted, leading me to question, ‘Is there more to life for me?’ I took a sabbatical from my corporate job to travel solo for a year, hoping that would satisfy me.

Little did I know that it would spark a transformative journey across the world and into the depths of my very being.

I spent the first two years completely out of my comfort zone, backpacking through Southeast Asia and South America; an adventure which influenced how I perceived life. It was like a spiritual puberty and upon returning home, I no longer fit into my old clothes, uncertain of the path I wished to tread, I began a practice of Yoga, meditation and writing to manage the existential angst that stemmed from the paradox of my privilege.

Continuing the search for meaning, I left my corporate job (again) and went to Greece to support the running of a community centre for people seeking safety from war in their home countries. A period that left another indelible mark on my life. Here, I discovered my potential as a teacher, unknowingly preparing for my next endeavour; the return to the Galapagos Islands.

A pivotal three years living amongst untamed wildlife and nature’s magic, I taught English through topics I considered pressing; wellness, responsible consumption, protecting nature and equality. Later, during the pandemic when schools closed, I began sharing personal anecdotes and wellbeing tips on a radio show and discovered my passion for inspiring positive change. 


With this new clarity, I sought to deepen my knowledge of paths to bliss and liberation – which led me to explore my ancestral roots – India. A land of mysticism and spiritual practices, I studied and taught Yoga, meditation, and philosophy under the guidance of esteemed  teachers. I began connecting the dots between this ancient wisdom, the values from my upbringing and the numerous teachings my lived experiences offered me.


I’m immensely grateful for all the experiences and encounters both wonderful and challenging as they have all contributed to my growth and wisdom leading to more peace and joy. The greatest gift has been the clarity that the path to genuine contentment lies within rather than in experiences or wealth (although they certainly help!). I’m now on a mission to share practices to do the self work for a blissful life which is what gave birth to Anandful.